Was a Time

A music video for Anthony D'Amato

Premiering on Entertainment Weekly

The nervy folk-pop of NYC singer-songwriter Anthony D’Amato’s new single “Was a Time” brings to mind Simon and Garfunkel’s more amped-up moments, and the theme of its new video is a ruined wedding, much like the end of The Graduate, only much, much crazier. 

In an email, the Kuperman Brothers write: “we wanted to undercut some of the heavier sentiments in the song and to play up Anthony’s sense of humor. At the same time, we wanted to mirror the frenetic, driving energy of the track itself (and also to give a guy an atomic wedgie on camera).”

- Miles Raymer, Entertainment Weekly

Directed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Concept - Anthony D'Amato, Adam Makarenko, KBs
Cinematography - Lance Kaplan
Producers - KBs, Daniel Yankiver, David Lombroso, Natalie Gershtein
Crew - Aaron Brown, John Morgan, Steven San Miguel, Meriwether Snipes, Marcus Shutrump, Bec Fordyce, Justyn Davis, Arjun Jain, Royce Brown, Khalid Esmail.

Performances by Alison Smith, Alonso Guzman, Arda Bozyigit, Ashley Parker, Barton Cowperthwaite, Bobby Steig, Charlie Brosens, Chris Green, Chris Thieke, Clayton Raithel, Elena Shepherd, Elizabeth Lutz, Emma Cunningham, Gabriel Gordon, Gregor Horstmeyer, Holly Heiser, Jack Tynan, Jaqi Medlock, Jesse Lane, Kate Adamson, Katherine Sprudzs, Léa Furnion, Lynda Senisi, Marc Geller, Matt Katz, Melanie Comeau, Michelle Bellam, Mike Alvarez, Miyuki Myagi, Nick De Veaux, Parker Henritze, Patty Chen, Pilar Castro Kiltz, Puanani Brown, Simone Hill, Taner Van Kuren, Victor LaRue, and Zach Morse.