The 39 Steps

A full-length play

Presented by Princeton Summer Theater

PST’s The 39 Steps opened last weekend to deafening laughter and applause... [the show] explodes on the Hamilton Murray stage under the visionary direction and choreography of Jeff Kuperman. This highly physical re-invention of the classic spy adventure is literally breathtaking, sure to impress as much as it amuses.
— Rick Busciglio,

When a beautiful woman with a mysterious accent follows him home from the theater and is promptly murdered, Richard Hannay is plunged into a world of international espionage. Barlow's deliciously theatrical stage adaptation boldly spoofs Hitchcock's classic film with side-splitting results. Watch in amazement as a fearless cast of four tackles over a hundred characters and their hijinks -- love affairs, plane crashes, and all!

Adapted by Patrick Barlow
Directed & choreographed by Jeff Kuperman
Presented at the Hamilton Murray Theater (Princeton, NJ)
Produced by Princeton Summer Theater
July 2013