My Machine is Powered by Clocks

A full-length physical theater piece

Presented as part of Ice Factory at the New Ohio Theatre

Very refreshing. A tightly spun tapestry of choreography, stage directions, lights, sound and visuals. The play has many humorous and witty moments; the stage direction by Calla Videt and choreography by Rick and Jeff Kuperman cleverly executes these ideas. The fantastic cast make the piece comes to life with constant comic energy. An entertaining evening and the dynamic cast is well worth seeing.
— Angel Lam, TheatreIsEasy

The latest piece from Sightline considers a time when time travel has become a relatively common thing, when a future can be seen and a past can be changed. As with any kind of new technology, there are potential pitfalls and abuses. Like pieces in a game of Jenga, everything is stacked up on top of everything. You move something from the bottom; the top pieces collapse. You can escape your own time and context, but you may lose focus. You may even forget who you are.

A Sightline production
Written by B. Walker Sampson
Directed by Calla Videt
Choreographed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Performed by Merrie Jane Brackin, Isabel Carey, Melanie Comeau, Rick Kuperman, Jeff Kuperman, Tatiana Pavela, and Avery Pearson.
Produced by Sightline and Natalie Gershtein
Presented as part of Ice Factory at the New Ohio Theatre.
July 2013