that time, and...

A full-length dance-theater piece

Presented at Dixon Place

Things do not ‘just happen.’ Time does not just pass. Someone wants to remember. Someone wants to forget. How do they traverse time? “that time, and...” explores the beautiful paradoxes of memory, coincidence, regret and time travel through puppetry, dance, text, and image.

Sightline Production
Written by B. Walker Sampson and Calla Videt
Directed by Calla Videt
Choreographed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Devised by the Company
Performed by Melanie Comeau, Ava Eisenson, Arlo Hill, Ricky Kuperman, Rory Kulz, Tatiana Pavela, Josh Odsess-Rubin, Aya Tucker, Adam Zivkovic.