One Arm and a Leg

A full-length dance-theater piece

Presented at HERE Arts Center and Theatre for the New City

ONE ARM AND A LEG was inspired by Yasunari Kawabata's short story One Arm, in which a woman gives her arm to a man. It places the themes of Kawabata's story in dialogue with our own exploration of physical loss, the location of home, and identity as expressed and experienced through the body. At times poetic, at times violent, the project seeks to provoke, to meditate, to linger on such questions as: Where does one person end and another person begin? In what sense do we own our own bodies? How is identity related to the physical self? Using dance, video, music, and text, we investigate the role of loss in human life during moments of connection and moments of departure.  

A Sightline Production
Conceived and directed by Calla Videt
Choreographed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Written and devised by Calla Videt, James Morris, Jesse Barron, Ben Sampson, Melissa Goldman, Ilinca Radulian, and the Company.
Produced by Sightline Theater, Kevin Davies, Allison Kline, and Lauren Rayner.
Performed by Merrie Jane Brackin, Arlo Hill, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Jeffrey Kuperman, Rick Kuperman, Jamie Nelson, Aya Tucker, Liz Walker.