Over There

A play by Mark Ravenhill

a CU Stages Production at HERE ARts Center

Over There
Directed by Christopher Murrah
Produced by Natalie Gershtein
Performed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman

When the mother of identical twins, Franz and Karl, defects to the West, she escapes only with Franz, leaving Karl behind. Twenty-five years later, Karl crosses the border from East to West Germany to find his other half. The two men have an intense shared connection. They know scraps of each other’s lives without speaking or seeing each other, they speak in unison, yet the gulf of ideology and upbringing between them is insurmountable. When the Berlin Wall comes down, the physical barrier between them is removed, but the struggle to connect and find unity lives on. 

Now, at the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ravenhill’s chilling play examines the urges and hungers released when two ideologies, two brothers, from opposite sides of the wall meet again.