In a Moment

A short dance film

A man with no memory fights to recognize his wife

In a Moment  is a short dance film that had its world premiere at the WestFest Dance for Camera Festival in New York City in April of 2011. It has since screened across the US and internationally at festivals in Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Finland.

Directed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Choreographed by Vlad
Original music by Owen Belton
Cinematography by Joshua Fraiman
Performed by Marc Cardarelli and Mia DiLena
Produced by KBs

Awards for  In a Moment

Awards for In a Moment


A sincere thank you to the many friends who supported our crowdsourcing campaign and that helped bring this film from concept to screen:

Alanna Houston, Olga and Alex Kapps, Regine, Alex, and Ariana, Marianna and Alex Sefanov, Luba and Sasha Finkel, Myriam and Allan Finkel, Alma de Jesus, Amitai Shenhav, Arden Wray, Marina and Avi Shvalbe, Benjamin Levy, Bianca Di Domenico, Carl Laredo, Carlie Morrison, Carole Bernicchia-Freeman, Caroline Boulos, Catherine Hannon, Ching See Lau, Christopher Green, Chris Schleicher, Corey Gorewicz, Deborah Lowy, Desmond Mitchell, Donald Judd, Dorothy Davis, Ebenezer Asare, Eric and Olga Kuperman, Elizabeth and Igor Sarjinsky, Erica Pignatelli, Erik Schlicht, Elana and Eugene Sefanov, Francesca Cohen, Gail and Gilbert Cohen, Gavin Brin, Pilar Castro Kiltz, Irene and Alec Barsky, Isabell Shulman, Jordan Hussey-Andersen, Julia Lindpaintner, Kelvin Lin, Kevin Shee, Kathy and Leon Kuperman, Laurence Mark, Marina Gershtein, Mark Khazak, Matthew Yu, Milena and Boris Khazak, Merritt Moore, Lena and Mike Kuperman, Natalie D’Orazio, Philip Grace, Pnina and Isaac Gurevich, Polina and Viktor Shubat, Rivka and Isaac Shvalbe, Robert Kellogg, Salvator Cusimano, Soman Panigrahi, Stephanie Heroux, Stephanie Mancini, Susan Howse, Tanya and Andrey Furs, Tyler Fox, Valentin Danci, Walter Klyce, Yael and Paul Perlon.