A contemporary dance piece

Presented at the New College Theater

Melanie J. Comeau ’13 and Kevin Shee ’11 shone in Reset by Ricky Kuperman ’11, a piece that had been premiered in the Harvard Ballet Company production one week prior. The extraordinary contemporary choreography to Coldplay’s “Politik” showcased the seemingly unlimited abilities of these two powerful and agile dancers.

Somewhat surprisingly for a show with such famous choreographers in its lineup, some of the most exciting pieces of the night were those choreographed by Harvard College students. “Reset,” a duet created by Ricky Kuperman ´11 and interpreted by Melanie J. Comeau ‘13 and Kevin Shee ‘11, was easily the most intense, exhilarating piece of the night. Intimidatingly difficult lifts belying impressive strength and technical skill on the part of both dancers were perfectly matched by the hammering sounds of Coldplay’s “Politik” and the percussive use of strobe lights.
— The Harvard Art Review Dance Board

Choreographed by Rick Kuperman
Performed by Melanie Comeau and Kevin Shee
Music by Coldplay
November 2010