Music Video Treatment

Artist - Anthony D'Amato
Track - I don't know About you

Of mice and Men meets Seven Brides for Seven Brothers



A  Lennie-and-George-type pair of best friends fall in love with a similarly situated pair of women. But there's trouble when Short George seduces Lennie's Tall girl, and the foursome realize they had it swapped all along.


Funny. Campy. Sweet. Suddenly violent and suspenseful.





Tall Lennie and Short George strut down the street. A solid high-five at 0:07. Then they both put sunglasses on.


The best friends eat ice cream together.


They play frisbee at the park. Fun! At 0:27, George points out something wonderful.


Slow motion. Short Lizzy and Tall Cherice settle on a spot for a picnic. They spread their blanket out.


A close up of the ladies noticing their audience and giving a wink.


Lennie and George dip their sunglasses low and look at each other. They both know what to do.


Lennie and George, suddenly all in white, dance a dance of courtship. It's hilariously earnest and beautiful. Their souls are in it.


It works. Lizzy and Cherice look at each other, then at the men. They take their hands.


The foursome plays a game of billiards together while drinking beer. Short George with Short Lizzie and Tall Lennie with Tall Cherice. But Lennie and Liz share a longing glance.


They're the only ones in the movie theater. In unison, George and Lennie do the ol' arm over shoulder move. Success! Still, Lennie and Liz share a look.


The foursome, now all in white, do a quartet of love. Again, earnest yet hilarious. And also good!


The girls give the guys their numbers and wave goodbye.


The guys jump for joy and congratulate themselves. They say goodbye to each other - they'll catch each other tomorrow.

1:52 - 2:05

We follow Tall Lennie through an alleyway. He and Short Lizzie share a secret rendezvous. We track backwards to see Short George staring after them. He follows in anger. Meanwhile, Tall Cherice walks into frame and stares after Short George. Everyone's involved now.  

2:05 - 2:20

Back at Lennie's place, Short Lizzie and Tall Lennie make out furiously in bed. Right at 2:12, short George rushes in with a gun. He feels utterly betrayed. He throws a chair and tears a painting off the wall. Finally he points the gun at the couple in bed. 

2:20 - 2:36

As the lyrics kick in, Tall Cherice enters through the already broken-in door. She runs to Short George and begs him to stop. She kneels down to his level and on 2:28 she kisses him. They begin to kiss furiously and sink out of frame as we rack focus to the couple in bed. Relieved, they also start making out. A birds-eye-view of a couple on the floor and a couple in the bed. 

2:36 - 2:59

Back the chorus and back to the white outfits. The newly formed couples dance duets on a Brooklyn rooftop with the city in the background. It's funny because of the size differences, duh. This is also interspersed with the couples getting hotter and heavier in the bedroom. At a certain point, Short George goes on Tall Cherice. At 2:59, as she climaxes, she accidentally squeezes the trigger of the gun and kills the other couple. 

2:59 - 3:24

George and Lena look at each other, horrified. The yell at each other. They swig a bottle of whiskey. They wrap the bodies the white sheets. They struggle to throw Short Lizzie, then Tall Lennie, into a dumpster. Music ends. Sirens. They scatter.