Music Video Treatment

Artist - Anthony D'Amato
Track - Good and Ready

Home Movies meets 1000 ways to die



A group of young friends makes home movies. In each of these videos, Little Anthony dies an over-the-top and comical death.


“Let me die in a heartbeat, not slow and steady”


A pair of eyes. We track out quickly to reveal that it’s Anthony, at 10 years old, standing nervously in the middle of a forest. He looks down to his hand.

“Let me die in my sleep, when I’m good and ready”

Cut to a close up of his hand.  Someone walks by and slips something into it. Is that a ketchup packet?

“Let me die on the ocean, you can bury me at sea”

We track to the mystery person. It’s Little Katy, a pretty little girl wearing a backwards baseball cap. Beside her, standing behind an old camcorder is Little Logan. He yells “ROLLING”

Cut to Little Rob, a handsome young man. He looks from Little Katy to Little Anthony in slow motion. Katy yells “ACTION.”

“Let me die on a coal train…”

Little Rob raises his hand like a gun. Sideways. Too cool.  He screws up his eye and takes aim.

“you can burn that body”

Cut to a close up of Anthony, through the lens of the old camcorder, as he waits for the imaginary bullet to hit.  Right on the first drum, his hand makes contact with his forehead, and ketchup splatters everywhere.

Instrumental Break

Cut to Anthony, Katy, Logan, and Rob, all grown-up, playing their instruments in the forest setting. All wear the same thing as their little counterparts. Anthony has crusted ketchup on his head.

Back to Little Anthony. Little Katy helps him up off the floor. It’s a wrap!  She motions everyone to follow. They do.  Little Anthony smiles longingly after her and picks himself up off the floor.

All of the following are shot through the kids’ camcorder:

“Let me die in the desert, in a sea of sand”’

A wide shot of Little Anthony treading water in a pool. A poorly constructed shark fin can be seen gliding through the water.  A close up on Little Anthony’s face in abject terror as he’s about to be eaten by a shark.

“Let me die in the pleasure of a one night stand”

Little Anthony wears a suit. Little Katy wears a feather boa. They sit at a “bar” (a kitchen island at someone’s house). She points behind him and he looks.  A close up on a vial labeled “POISON” that Katy slips into his drink. They clink glasses, drink, and he dies immediately.

“Let me die in the forest, in the first spring thaw”

Back in the forest at night. Little Anthony has slicked back hair, a white face, and fangs.  He hisses and has blood running from his mouth. Little Rob drives a crucifix through Little Anthony’s “heart” (i.e. between his arm and his chest).

“Let me die in the chorus, with a hallelujah”

In a dimly lit basement.  Little Anthony creeps along stealthily in his white ninja costume (no hood). Suddenly, Little Logan, dressed as a ninja, jumps into frame and throws something.  A close up on Little Anthony’s stomach, which has a ninja star sticking out, and a quick tilt up to his face. Classic cross-eyed death.


Older Anthony, dressed like a ninja, and his band members, dressed like their young counterparts, perform the chorus.

Instrumental Break

Little Anthony pretends to be dead.  He opens his eyes and realizes they’re all reviewing footage behind the camera.  He makes his way over to the group.  Before he gets there, Little Katy shuts the screen and shakes her head.  She corrects his death scene, showing him that he needs to die BIGGER. We see her demonstrated death throes through Little Anthony’s eyes. She looks at him as if to say, “got it?” Cut back to Little Anthony, completely smitten by her.

“Let me die in my new suit. I want to look my best”

Cut to Little Anthony sitting in a chair, gripping the armrests.  Little Rob puts a metal strainer on his head.  Little Logan pretends to flip a switch.  Little Anthony is fried in the electric chair.

Let me die, baby, real soon. I could use the rest”

Cut to Little Anthony, who plays an old man on his death bed. Baby powder makes his gray hair.  Little Katy grips his hand. He passes away. Little Katy screams “NOOOOOOO!”

“Let me die in a bar fight with a broken nose”

Cut to Little Anthony and Little Logan dressed as muskateers.  Anthony in black and Logan in white. A quick exchange. Logan thrusts his foil, Anthony falls. Logan fixes his hat and walks away like a hero.

“Let me die in the spotlight, you can pick my pose”

Little Anthony crawls in the desert dressed like an explorer. He’s got a week-old beard (made from vaseline and black tea).  He expires from thirst.


The camera drops to the ground, with Little Anthony still in the frame. Little Rob and Little Katy run from behind the camera and dive on to him. Dog pile. Logan picks up the camera and moves toward the pile. Rob gets off the pile and runs towards the camera like a maniac and tackles Logan. The camera gets knocked over and we...

Cut to our objective cam.  Little Katy wipes off Little Anthony’s beard.  We cross cut between a now baby-faced little Anthony and the bearded, older Anthony.

Suddenly, Older Anthony stands on top of a big hill with a sharp drop-off. He sings:

“And when the trumpets sound”

He looks down and Little Rob and Little Logan are there, ready to catch. The drop seems enormous. They sing:

“(when the trumpets sound)””

Back to Older Anthony

“They're gonna lay me down”

He looks at Little Katy. She’s behind the camera, giving him the thumbs up sign. She sings.

“gonna lay me down”

Back to Older Anthony

“In a long-white gown…”

He looks down at the letter in his hands. It reads “ Goodbye cruel world”

“(In a long-white gown)”

Back to Older Anthony:

“Slowly lower me underground”

Through the camcorder, Older Anthony falls off the precipice.

Instrumental Break

Back to objective cam: Little Anthony lands prone on the leafy ground. Little Logan and Little Rob stare down at him.  Little Anthony’s lip quivers.  He starts bawling and clutches his arm. Little Katy jumps down and joins the threesome. To Little Anthony’s dismay, she brings her camera and films the whole ordeal. They hoist him up onto their shoulders.

Little Anthony looks up to the top of the precipice.  Who’s that on top?

Big Anthony looks down over the precipice. Who’s that they’re carrying?

Big Anthony is being carried away by the kids.  Who’s that on the precipice?

Little Anthony, perplexed, watches Big Anthony carried away.

“Let me die on a Sunday for to stay out of Hell”

Big Anthony sings directly into the camcorder in the middle of a road.  He wears a cast.

“Let me die on the subway, could they even tell”

Looking through the windshield, a car hurtles towards Little Anthony.

“Let me die when the war ends. You can paint my face”

Still from inside the windshield, Big Anthony’s face is smushed against the glass. He sings.

“Let me die in New Orleans. I wanna march with them Saints”

Little Anthony is flung to the ground.  He sings into the camcorder looking up.


Worm’s eye view:  The faces of Little Rob, Little Logan, and Little Katy, all float in circles.

Bird’s eye view: Big Anthony sings the chorus.

Worm’s eye view: Big Katy stares down at the camera. She helps it (Anthony) to stand.

Big Anthony sings the final line of the chorus to Big Katy. Cut to Little Anthony and Little Katy in the same orientation. Little Anthony repeats the line to Little Katy. Suddenly, Little Logan jumps out with a camera and Little Rob jumps out in a ninja costume.  Little Rob drags Little Anthony off-camera while Little Katy and Little Logan follow.

Instrumental Break

The band plays in all of the film locations seen previously.  Both Anthonys wear the cast. We cross-cut between big band members and little band members.  Little Anthony hits the last chord on Big Anthony’s guitar.  Big Anthony glances over to Big Katy, but she doesn’t see him.