A Broken Liver and a Bloody Nose

A contemporary dance piece

Presented at the Berlind Theatre

Their talents in dance and choreography are displayed throughout the show, but perhaps nowhere so profoundly as in ‘A Broken Liver and Bloody Nose.’ I can say quite honestly that this is the most professional and fascinating dance I’ve ever seen. Truthfully, this piece alone is worth buying the ticket and trekking down to the Berlind Theatre this weekend. In it, Giangeruso, Gray Holubar ’13 and choreographer Jeff Kuperman ’12 collide in a city scene for what can only be described as spastic “Fight Club” zombies occupying Wall Street. It’s weird, dark and challenging; its choreography requires constant concentration from the dancers, and they consistently deliver. Regardless of your dance knowledge, this one’s sure to leave an impression.
— Michael Becker, The Daily Princetonian

They're five o'clock shadowboxing with the whiskey downtown, and falling with the poor man who was sleeping on the ground.

Choreographed by Jeff Kuperman
Performed by Austin Giangeruso, Gray Holubar, and Jeffrey Kuperman.
Original music by Jeffrey Kuperman
June 2010