Jake - here's a place where we can share inspiration for Athos' new video content. A few routes we can go down:


Outside the Box

- the Athos app is a HUD (heads up display) a la video games. Using SnorriCam to capture the 3rd person video game view. As soon as we put on Athos gear, you get access to this wealth of data like in a HUD. It lets you complete super human feats of strength and athleticism.

Personal Profiles

- Recovering from ACL/MCL surgery. From complete atrophy to complete boss mode.

- Following a stunt double as he trains for the biggest fight scene or stunt sequence of a movie.

Iconic Scenes from Cinema

- Recreating the most iconic and epic training scenes from cinema history. Except our hero wears Athos gear.

  • Rocky
  • Remember the Titans
  • Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon