A Broken Liver and a Cataract

A one-act straight play

Presented at the Strawberry One-Act Festival and the Bridge Theater @ Shetler Studios

In a weirdly dystopian future where Shakespeare is banned and professional writers of all kinds are ostracized, two homeless brothers and former wordsmiths try to eke out a life after their only marketable skills have been rendered taboo.

Written by Jeff Kuperman
Directed by Chris Ghaffari
Performed by Rick & Jeff Kuperman
Presented at the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Manhattan Repertory Theater, and at the Bridge Theater @ Shetler Studios.
Produced by Natalie Gershtein
January - May 2013


Check out this short film, Trash Salmon. It's a behind-the-scenes look at A Broken Liver and a Cataract, and won the Audience Choice award at the Strawberry One-Act Festival: